I am only seeing new patients virtually on a limited part-time basis. If you are in need of an in-person consultation, please contact me and I will help connect you with another IBCLC.
newborn breastfeeding
Breastfeeding Basics

Let’s talk about basic breastfeeding positioning!

Good breastfeeding positioning is not only helpful for baby to achieve a deep latch but also for mom. The first couple of weeks can be hard to adjust to frequent long feedings. So it’s even more important to find a position that is comfortable and works for both of you. Here are some basic positioning steps:

  1. Position yourself comfortably with pillows cradling your back, and pillows across your lap to support baby at breast height. You may want a stool to put your feet up on. Lean back if you can.
  2. Bring baby close to you, with his/her hips and head aligned. Baby shouldn’t have to turn their head to reach the nipple. Think “Tummy to Tummy”. Baby’s mouth should be right across from the nipple.
  3. Support your breast with one hand. Try hold it underneath and make a “u” shape with your hand.
  4. Attach or latch baby onto your breast. Encourage baby to open wide by gently brushing nipple nose to chin. When baby opens up wide, pull baby in close to latch. Support baby’s back of their neck (rather than the back of head).
  5. Relax and enjoy! If you are feeling pain, detach baby gently and try again.

As you and your baby become more experienced at breastfeeding, you will find that positions will change even from feeding to feeding. As long as you are comfortable and baby is nursing successfully, use what works for you.

Check out this great video on basic breastfeeding positions.

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Its hard breastfeeding
Lactation Consultation

What to expect during a lactation consultation?

You’ve made your appointment. You are nervous. Now what! Don’t worry, Im here to help you. I want to provide support without judgement. I will try my hardest to make you and your family feel comfortable. You have already taken a big step reaching out for help.

Its hard breastfeeding

Here are some things to consider as you prepare for an in-person visit from me:

  • Ensure your baby will be ready to nurse within 15-20 minutes of your appointment time. You may need to give your baby a small feeding an hour or so before your scheduled appointment to curb your baby’s appetite but not fill him up.
  • Have your phone nearby in case I need assistance finding your house or getting in the gate.
  • Rest and relax! Im not concerned with how neat and organized your house is, so PLEASE do not clean or tidy up just for me. You just had a baby!
  • Ask your partner or another family member to look after older children or pets so you can focus your attention on the baby and breastfeeding during the visit.
  • Have a log ready to show me how often your baby has been feeding and stooling/urinating.
  • Have your baby’s weight history available including birth weight, discharge weight, and most recent weight.
  • Have your breast pump clean and ready for use if you are also requesting assistance with pumping or a flange fitting

Here’s what will happen once I arrive at your home:

  • I will come prepared with all the necessary “tools” and knowledge to help you and your baby breastfeed. This will include sterile equipment including a digital infant scale to weigh your baby before and after a feeding.
  • I will spend a few minutes with you discussing your concerns and going over your and your baby’s medical history before getting started.
  • I will ask your to show me an area of your home where you feel most comfortable nursing (this could be your living room, bedroom, the baby’s nursery or anywhere else you are most comfortable).
  • I will ask you how you’ve been nursing before making any recommendations or suggesting ways you might improve your positioning or the baby’s latch.
  • I will not touch you or your baby without your permission. I am very gentle and will never touch you or your baby in a way that is uncomfortable.
  • I will always explain what I am looking for and what I am seeing. I will offer recommendations and suggestions for ways to improve your baby’s latch or your positioning and ensure you are comfortable.
  • I will review any concerns you have and answer questions.
  • Finally I will provide you with any handouts or medical referrals as well as a copy of your lactation service receipt if applicable (which is necessary for insurance reimbursement).
  • After the visit, I will send you a copy of the care plan we discussed. A copy will also be sent to your pediatrician.

If you have any questions before a scheduled visit, reach out so we can talk.

Check out this great video on what a real consult looks like.