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Breastfeeding Basics

Let’s talk about basic breastfeeding positioning!

Good breastfeeding positioning is not only helpful for baby to achieve a deep latch but also for mom. The first couple of weeks can be hard to adjust to frequent long feedings. So it’s even more important to find a position that is comfortable and works for both of you. Here are some basic positioning steps:

  1. Position yourself comfortably with pillows cradling your back, and pillows across your lap to support baby at breast height. You may want a stool to put your feet up on. Lean back if you can.
  2. Bring baby close to you, with his/her hips and head aligned. Baby shouldn’t have to turn their head to reach the nipple. Think “Tummy to Tummy”. Baby’s mouth should be right across from the nipple.
  3. Support your breast with one hand. Try hold it underneath and make a “u” shape with your hand.
  4. Attach or latch baby onto your breast. Encourage baby to open wide by gently brushing nipple nose to chin. When baby opens up wide, pull baby in close to latch. Support baby’s back of their neck (rather than the back of head).
  5. Relax and enjoy! If you are feeling pain, detach baby gently and try again.

As you and your baby become more experienced at breastfeeding, you will find that positions will change even from feeding to feeding. As long as you are comfortable and baby is nursing successfully, use what works for you.

Check out this great video on basic breastfeeding positions.

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